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Practical Information

In order to maintain good values of the home in our sub-division it is important to continue making improvements to your property.  We should start at the front curb and take a good look at your home.  If the shrubs and trees have become overgrown, it is time to cut them back.  A good rule of thumb with shrubs is not to allow them to get higher than your window sills, not always the case but most of the time. Overgrown landscaping can make the house look small and not well maintained. When a prospective buyer comes into a neighborhood looking for a home for sale, they always look around to see if the neighborhood is well kept.


You never know when a neighbor needs to sell their home because of job transfer or maybe job loss. The best thing all of us can do is make our neighborhood pleasing to the eye so that neighbor can sell for the highest price possible.


Take a look at chimneys and windows to see if you have problem with wood rot.  If left unrepaired, the water that seeps in will cause major problems.  Also, the deck is an area that buyers quickly notice if it has not been maintained properly with stain or sealer.


We have an excellent Homeowners’ Association with reasonable covenants to help protect our investments.  It is important to obtain approval from the HOA Architectural Review Committee for any appearance changes such as color or major landscape improvements prior to the work beginning.  


Regarding interior maintenance, continuing to keep the home updated will also help increase the value of the home. When the time comes to sell, if good maintenance has been done over the years, there will be less to do to prepare the home for sale.