Wyndcliff at Town Center

Homeowners Association

In addition the Association is responsible for upholding the overall aesthetic appearance of our community. Architectural standards have been established to ensure harmony.  The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is charged by the Board of Directors to enforce these standards. Homeowners should contact the ARC ( arc@wyndcliffhoa.com ) PRIOR TO ANY CONSTRUCTIONS, ALTERATIONS (e.g. roof and exterior painting), OR ADDITION TO THEIR PROPERTY (e.g. fencing).


Pets should be kept on a leash and be under the control of a responsible person at all time while outdoors in unfenced areas.  Feces left by dogs must be removed by the owner of the dog or the person responsible for the dog.

No mobile home, camp trailers, boats or trailers shall be stored or kept for any purpose on any lot, unless kept in a location not visible from the street. No overnight parking at the pool is authorized!

The Wyndcliff Homeowners Association is responsible for the maintenance of the common property (Pool, Clubhouse, and Tennis Courts), all entrance features and common grounds as well as storm water retention ponds for the community not covered by the county.  
Therefore as specified in the Declaration of Protective Covenants Article III membership in the Association is mandatory.  Dues are to be paid by April 1st.  Each year the amount is fixed by the Board of Directors and current requirements can be requested by sending an email to
treasurer@wyndcliffhoa.com. Late charges will be assessed.

We all want to live in a clean and neat environment.  Each homeowner is asked during the growing season (April-September) to cut their lawn regularly and trim their shrubs.  In the fall, dead leaves should be collected to avoid clogging storm drainage.  Homeowners should contact the board PRIOR to making any changes in the appearance of their front lawn. Homeowners are asked to keep their trash receptacles and/or recycling bins in a location not visible from the street.